Thursday, November 05, 2009

Remember When I Used To Be Aawesome?  


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ask The Audience  

Readership! I need your help! I got in an argument today about a particular song. It's a very familiar song, but don't skip over the lyrics! Give it a good read, and tell me what your impressions are.

That's all I'm going to say, because any question I ask would be a leading question. But if you really want to know what the argument is...highlight below...

Is this song dirty or not dirty?

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
I've been awake for a while now
you've got me feelin like a child now
cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

The rain is fallin on my window pane
but we are hidin in a safer place
under covers stayin dry *(safe) and warm
you give me feelins that I adore

It starts in my toes
make me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

What am I gonna say
when you make me feel this way
I just........mmmmmm

It starts in my toes
make me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

I've been asleep for a while now
You tucked me in just like a child now
Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

It starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feelin shows
Cause you make me smile
Baby just take your time now
Holdin me tight


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stem Prong House Foam  

The past few months, I've been sitting in the back of the office with the back door open. Sometimes, it almost feels like I'm working outside. I can hear the rumble of the subway, the zooming of cars and the silence of the lambs inevitable parking lot arguments. It's all become white noise to me. However, this morning, I found out the Canadian National Air Show is in town when one of the planes rumbled overhead and my coworker ducked for cover.

I probably would've ducked too, but this happened pre-morning-coffee, so I wasn't as alert. Instead, I just sat there very amused by my panic-stricken coworker.

I want to give you an update on my running/exercise-routine. This would make it the second post in a row regarding this topic, as if I'm writing a running diary about running.

I know, you didn't see that coming at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you're far too kind. Hold your applause, this is your song not mine.

I no longer walk-of-shame my way home; I can now go twice around my cute circuit. See, all it took was a little blog motivation. But you know, once I get to 2.5 circuits, I'll be right back here whining and complaining. And once more, you, my dedicated readers, will have to toss compliments my way to keep me going.


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Monday, August 24, 2009

Millionaire Flashlight Spine  

Mixing Music Makes Me Mad

I thought staring at SAP all day was bad, but staring at audio waves is definitely worse. It only accentuates the repetitiveness of today's "hit" music.


I jog lightly from time to time. My route has been labeled "cute", as in "awww it's as small as a baby, I just want to pinch its' cheeks". Whatever. Google maps informs me that this cute circuit of mine totals 1.8k. I'm consistently able to do 1.5 times my route...

...and none of the numbers really matter, except the extra "half" that's missing. Yup, my walk-of-shame back home.

I probably should expand my route instead of doing 1.5 times my current one...but you know.

Annnnnnnd cut.


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Orb Tree Haunted House  

Any spare time I get from breaking hearts* I use towards breaking internet-paradigms.

For example, I want to write a full short story...via twitter posts.

When I get hungry, I go to ThisIsWhyYoureFat for ideas.

I'm gonna go on Facebook, create a photo album titled "Summer 2009", and fill it with pictures of snow, snowmen, icicles, and Christmas trees.

I peruse the NYTimes for their cartoons, but rely on Jon Stewart's Daily Show for news.

*C'mon, that line was so far from the truth, it was a little funny, right?


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Do I Need A New Template?  

Is it true that if I'm to spectacularly relaunch my blogging career, it should be accompanied by an equally spectacular redesign?

Doesn't matter, I'm not here to do either. I really only came here for the therapeutic reasons, but I stay for the company.

(awwww shucks, I am talking about you!)

I don't think the importance of learning is stressed enough. Just in the few summer months, I've learned how to fold paper stars, I've learned how to play golf and I've learned a little more about money management. Yet, I still find I don't spend time learning about myself.

I mean, really, the only thing I think I've learned about myself is that I'm unwilling to give up on this blog, even as it's circling the drain of death.

I know "learn things" used to be one of my favorite slogans here at Seriously Stupefying Stupidity, but I think "learn 3P things" would be an updated version of that statement I want to use moving forward.

1P - Practical
2P - Personal
3P - Philosophical

That was in no particular order, by the way.

(maybe this blog ain't dead, but the humor sure is, right, right? ahh whatever, my jokes come and go, and there are a certain few people that pretty much laugh at anything I I'll use their laughter as fuel for now)


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Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's About That Time Again  

You know, when I mosey on in here, write something relatively uninspired, or if it is inspired, then it's about two characters long.

And I'm not talking about the latest Black Eyed Peas' offerings either. HEY-OH!

That was dumb.

With nothing having actually been said, I can't really digress unless you count me digressing from the get-go, but then again I'm not sure I ever got going in the first place, you dig?

You no dig.

Google Wave. The new definition of amazing.


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